Website Design

Website Design

Creating custom, state of the art, virtually engaging, functionally advanced, responsive websites within 14-30 days depending on the communication with the client and the add-ons. Call for a free consultation, 424-249-8723.

Programming a great design is a handcrafted passion that we strive in making the very best first impression. And then there’s the functionality. But first, we are here to consult to strategize and confirm the best identity that will reach your customers and boost sales. We develop according to all platforms, multiple browser and mobile ready, completely responsive and user friendly websites that engage users and look great on all devices and platforms.

$1500 Plan – This is a simple promotional site.

$2500 Plan – This is more of promotional website with ecommerce and/or just a setup of social media accounts and website with same continuity.

$5000 Plan – More of a directory and forum.

*We do offer payment plans that start at $500 a month.

Website Packages

Our services that can be included:

FREE changes and support for one year.
We take a website reference so we know what you want.
We pride ourselves on custom design.
All designs are responsive and able to work on all devices.
How many pages and post you want? We will set it up.
Photo and Video Carousals and Sliders we love to use.
Photo and Video Creation.
Video Commercial Placement.
Video Testimonials Placed.
Social Media creation FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram.
Integration with those social media accounts.
Posting Real time News and training to show you how to do it.
SEO (search engine optimization) Coding.
We monitor through Google Analytics.
Media Content Installed.
We writing content and can place on other sites as well as yours.
We can maintain your site.
Setup your Domain & Hosting (Monthly Credit Card Charge).
Organic SEO Meta Code Writing.
Publicity linked to news outlets.
Linking content to company’s social media.
Executive Training on How to Post: FREE for one year.
A monthly advertising budget determined by you if needed.
Quarterly Advertising Measurement.
Website completed in less than a month.