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Investing in your media is the smartest thing to do. Don’t hesitate. Building a story of visual, sound, and language will fast track your brand identity and elevate you above your competition. “Content is King” the say for good reason. ┬áIf you can tell a good story that sums up the brand in a short period of time, your company will reap enhanced profits.

  • The Small Campaign (write, produce, shoot, edit) = $1,000-10,000
  • The Midsize Campaign (write, produce, shoot, edit) = $10,000-100,000
  • The Big Global Campaign (write, produce, shoot, edit) = $100,000+

As the founder of OhYeahLive, Ron Cobert will bring in his talents to play, whether as the producer only and/or with a combination of other talents photographer, director, editor and writer. Managing the production is the important in the execution and delivery. Click this link, RONCOBERT.COM to go directly to the site below or take a link within the website. More websites with our work can be seen at SHINING PRODUCTIONS and on youtube at RON’S YOUTUBE