Ad Management

Media Services

Our services include:

  • Gathering competitive lineage information
  • Creating budgets, media plans and schedules
  • Placing advertising on all applicable media platforms
  • Traffic Management
  • Campaign Analytics


  • Media plan creation in conjunction with the marketing team
  • Based upon target demographics, release pattern, budget and research
  • All media plans are subject to client approval
  • The client confirms the weekly buys by signing off on each insertion order and providing 20% of that week’s budget.
  • We traffic all creative to the appropriate media outlets
  • Post analysis is performed on all campaigns

TRACKING, ANALYTICS, BILLING, and RECONCILIATION: Following is the documentation to insure transparency and accountability:

  • Provide records of all transactions regarding advertising including back-up documentation.
  • Should there be any discrepancies, we work with the appropriate media outlet to resolve them in a timely manner.
  • Revising quotes and updating campaigns on-the-fly as necessary
  • Invoices are presented to client with signed affidavits of performance
  • Billing reconciliation

MEDIA BUYING: We place media based on your target demographic on the following platforms:

  • Network Television
  • National Cable/Syndication
  • Syndicated TV Shows
  • Planning/Budgeting
  • Spot Broadcast
  • Spot Cable
  • Network Radio
  • Spot Radio
  • Web banner advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • SEO Orchestration
  • National and Local Newspapers
  • National Magazines
  • Trade Magazines
  • Out of Home Advertising