Practical and Innovative Solutions

From Film and Television Pitch Decks, Trailers, Promotional Video, Business Plans, etc… We offer packages to get you your funding to services to manage the startup, to management of media content and advertising to enhance your business at hand.


Creating Business
Marketing Strategy


New Markets
Monetizing Your Contacts


Educating Your Employees
Keep the Company Competitive


Identifying Problems
Providing Solutions

Planning for the Future

Energize your business by hiring an OhYeaLive Consultant. You will you save money, and your business will grow!Build a new company, grow an existing business, OhYeahLive will place you ahead of your competitors by enhancing your brand, licensing, advertising management, analytics, business proposals, marketing and building your credibility.

“There are no boundaries to an entrepreneurial spirit. Increasing market share proving profit and return on investment is imminent when you manage your marketing, media content and tech optimally.” ~ Founder, Ron Cobert

Investing in the Delivery

Just because something is affordable and quick doesn’t mean that it is actually affordable and quick. So many businesses forget the importance of a marketing and business development. Have a realistic budget thought out and hire OhYeahLive to implement and excercise. Delivery of a monthly scheduled marketing plan will be the most effective way to grow and measure. Contact the founder at Ron Cobert