About Us

OhYeahLive is the full service advertising and tech agency division under Sunscope that serves the international community offering event, commercial and photography campaigns, marketing consultation, brand identity, social media, advertising and marketing management, intellectual property development, cyber security, ecommerce, web design, domain names, web hosting, SSL, and more.

Delivering tech solutions to increase client market share and investors’ return on investment, OhYeahLive uses custom advertising solutions, media rich, tech driven, hybrid advertising and entertainment to launch new businesses and to enhance existing businesses using a combination of all the contemporary media and tech tools available, including media content, website development, algorithmic analysis, seo, pr and media buy, sales teams.

As well as all traditional and new media, OhYeahLive orchestrates the many tools to create exposure, lead generation, sales, profit, increased market share and investment value. OhYeahLive is all about information technology, business process innovation, network architecture and engineering and global security, creating, monetizing and managing online solutions, great design, e-commerce, web traffic seo, produced media, written articles, cross marketing, media buy, tags, keywords, user-friendly interface, using cms, css, php, jquery, java, etc.